The Miseducated Mindset


Imagine arriving to class and finding that this is the lesson of the day. How long would it take you to realize this is not the class for you?

For many of us, this class is in full-session within our minds. Yet,  we have not figured out how to get up from our seats and change course. We stay in the class because we:

  • Find comfort in our bad habits.
  • Feel less burdened by placing blame on others.
  • Feel vindicated by our incessant negative thoughts.

We are passing the Dysfunction 101 course with flying colors, but failing miserably at Life.

Be careful about what you are learning and the lessons you allow to take root in your head.

It is time to break the rules and start asking questions.  This is one time it’s okay to cut class.

Challenging the way you think and  behave to break free from a miseducated mindset. #thatsliberation