Fill in the Blanks


Try This. Fill in the Blanks

The words time, energy and money can be inserted into any blank in the sentence below and make sense.

“I don’t have enough _____________, I just can’t seem to find the ____________ and  I’m all out of ____________.”

They fit for good reason. Time, energy and money are the currency we pay to get anything done. We must either have the money to outsource the task, or the time and energy to do it ourselves.

Some of us might find that we come up short on all three which can make for one very unhappy life, or should I say unliberated life.

Let’s Try this again. Fill in the Blanks. 

“I have enough ___________and if I don’t, I will find the ____________ because being out of ___________ is not an option.”

Again the words time, energy and money make sense in any blank.  The words didn’t change, only the attitude about them.

Learning to think and speak about things from the position of a victor and not a victim…..#thatsliberation


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